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Holvrieka-Nirota BV

Since 1947, Holvrieka has been playing a pioneering role in the development, manufacture and installation of stainless steel tanks. Our membership of the CIMC Group allows us to provide a complete service on a global scale. The high standards of quality and continuity, common in the industry, serve as a guideline for our products and services. However, it is thanks to the initiative, enthusiasm and skills of our people that we are able to offer a better, more efficient and cost-effective total concept. You will find that it is especially our people that bring real value to your organisation.

Bedrijf Holvrieka-Nirota BV
Vestiging Sneek
Adres Lorentzstraat 7
Postcode Plaats 8606 JP Sneek
Land Nederland
Telefoonnummer 0515435373
Faxnummer 0515418065
E-mailadres info@holvrieka-nirota.nl
Website www,holvrieka.com
Contactpersoon E-mailadres Telefoonnummer Afdeling Functie
Dhr. Messelink, Gert Jan g.messelink@holvr... 0620132883 directie commercieel directeur